So, you’ve made the decision to remodel your bathroom. You may be asking yourself “Now what?” Well, AFR Construction has a list of hints and tips to help you plan this next addition to your lovely home.

Remodeling your bathroom can not only increase the long-term value of your home, but, it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. It can also go a long way toward improving the quality of your life and satisfaction in your home.

Starting a bathroom remodel is scary, exciting, and nerve racking, but, in the end, it is all worth it! A well thought out and flexible plan can keep things moving and ensure that you are never left wondering “What’s next?”.

Here are five tips and tricks to keep in mind when planning your next bathroom remodel.

1. Time Frame

When does this project have to be finished by? Do you have another bathroom in your home to use or are you staying with a friend? This is important to fully think out so that you can decide what parts of the remodeling project you can realistically DIY and what parts you should hire out.

2. List It Out

New tiling? Lighting? Fixtures? Moving walls? Cabinets? Adding another sink? A stand-alone shower? This list will come in handy for the budget.

3. Find Inspiration

Start a bathroom remodel “IdeaBook” on and share it to collaborate with AFR Construction. Do you want a drop-in tub? Do you love subway tile? Grout color? Different grout color for walls and floor? What about vanity lights? Add as many inspiring images as you like and we will use that as a basis to help you plan the look of your remodel.

4. Make A Budget

Based on listing everything out, come up with a number that you’re happy with. Also realize things come up in bathroom (and all) remodels, so remember to give yourself some wiggle room.

5. Who Ya Gonna Call?

With the help of AFR’s professional installation and remodeling expertise, your remodel will be in the seasoned hands of a professional. We can handle any situation from plumbing, electrical, fabrication, installation and so much more!

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