Leave an impression of a lifetime.

AFR Construction knows that your home makes a lasting impression on those you entertain. Our design team will work with you on building the perfect kitchen, bathroom or any other area for your home.

A home remodel can quickly become overwhelming nightmare. With all the designs and options available, even a simple update can get complicated when you begin to select materials. It may be difficult for you to envision how the colors will work together, plan time lines and schedule installations. When you want to customize your selected home area redesign, the process becomes even more complex as you evaluate what walls can be torn down. It may be difficult to figure out whether soffits can be removed, and what to do with hidden HVAC and electrical work. It may also be hard to decide on what to put where for maximum use of space, how to select all the little details that would make your kitchen amazing, and how to keep costs from spiraling out of control.  With our extensive qualifications, professional team, and well-developed processes, we take a lot of the stress out of the remodeling experience.

Rather you prefer a wide open layout for entertaining, or simply demand the best in culinary cultures, our expert designers and quality craftsmen can create the that perfect space you have always dreamed of.

Call AFR Construction today and take the first step towards making your new space come to life.

Create a place of harmony and peace.

At AFR Construction we are here to help you design the bathroom of your dreams, turning what once was a small, dark space into an open oasis for relaxation. We practice Professional Bath Design and use our unique set of “Planning Guidelines” whenever possible. These guidelines have been thoroughly time tested and verified in the field to provide safe and efficient organization in a bathroom.

Whether it be a Main Bath, Master, Spare, ½ bath or Utility, introducing you to the many varied products in the industry and identifying which will work in your specific situation is our goal. Your “personal touch” will speak to your family and guests about your lifestyle and tastes. Oftentimes, people feel overwhelmed when choosing products for their bathrooms. We help with these decisions by reviewing your options and advising you as to what products will work for your specific situation, including visiting our trade partner showrooms, where we will help guide you through making all the decisions that will turn your bath into a place of comfort and relaxation.

With our years of remodeling experience, we provide you with suggestions that will give your experience in the bath one of satisfaction knowing that the job was done correctly and completely.

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